I thought I would write about the ins and outs of wedding flower costs and what to expect when you go to meet your florist.

Generally, the budget for your wedding flowers should be 8-12% of your overall wedding budget. 

People tend to be surprised by this so I like to break it down and explain why you need to budget this much. 

  1. Floristry is a skill. You are not paying for someone to pick flowers last minute from the side of the road and bung them in a jam jar (well, I hope they aren't anyway!). Every stem has been carefully chosen from the flower market. The colour, stem length and petals have all been taken into consideration. Then they have been carefully ‘conditioned’ which let me tell you, can take hours and hours! This is the process of stripping the stems of leaves and petals, cutting them and giving them a good drink to ensure they are in their prime for your wedding day. There is a reason the rose has opened beautifully… You then have the physical arranging of the flowers. When people say suggest they will do parts of this process themselves to keep costs down, I tend to ask 'Is your wedding day really the time you want to be learning new skills and chancing it?' Didn’t think so! It is important when you pick your suppliers that you are choosing people that you trust and are professional so you know the job will be done well, and you don’t have to be worried at all about the day. 

  2. The time and attention to detail it takes. In my personal opinion, quality is everything and you can rest assured no flower is leaving my studio if it is not perfect. You are paying for the entire process that your florist has been through, not just the flowers on the day.…The initial consultation, the quote(s), the administration/invoicing, the pre-wedding site visit, the buying, the conditioning, the arranging, the delivering, the travel costs, the set up and the clean up - this is what you are paying for!

Before meeting your florist (and it is definitely best to meet or zoom/skype all of your wedding suppliers), make sure you have a list of exactly what you need. You could also have a list of things you want but are unclear on whether your budget can allow it. Oh yes, definitely tell you florist your budget- theres no need for secrecy, it will just enable us to have a more open and honest conversation about what is feasible. If your budget does not have a lot of space in it, then tell your florist that. I like to work with people regardless and come up with ways we can still work together. This might be providing them with arranged flowers but then they will have to set up and pick up the flowers themselves, or cutting certain items out of the quote and just focusing on making a small amount of items super beautiful. 

I hope these points help and explain why the role of a wedding florist is important when it comes to the flowers on your wedding day!

Bethany xx

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